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Whether it be in the studio or on location, family group sessions are my absolute favorites!  I truly enjoy capturing images of family members interacting with each other.  A few things to keep in mind when booking your family photo session:

1.  Choose outfits in advance, typically a week or more in advance is sufficient, keeping in mind the color scheme in the area that you              wish to display your photos.

2.  Keep outfits in the same color family, but not matching.

3.  Bring snacks for the children (an hour doesn't seem like a long time to adults, but it does to children)

4.  Don't be too concerned if the children seem shy or restless in the beginning of the session, sometimes it take a little while for them to       become comfortable in new surroundings.

5.  Plan a fun activity or treat for after the session.

6.  Most importantly, have fun!!  

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